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Plainfield Christmas Display
Remember to tune to 106.1FM when you are in front of the house.

The feature we had last year, to vote for the next song or to have your name on the mega-tree, is back this year. 

The 2023 Christmas show started the day after Thanksgiving and will run until New Year's Eve.

This year's videos can be found here.

2022's videos can be found here.

Find videos from previous years and miscellaneous videos here.

We've been synchronizing our Christmas lights to music since 2007. Each year, we add a new song or lighting element.
The controller hardware and software is from Light-O-Rama.
We choose the songs and program the sequences ourselves.​​
For 2022, we changed the lights on the parkway tree to RGB LED lights. Added two new songs and updated 10 others.
For 2021, RGB LED lights were added to the four columns by the front door, replacing the red and white 'candy canes' on only two of the columns.  Also, RGB LED lights were added to four bushes, replacing red and white net lights. For 2020, no lights were added but some programming enhancements were made.  For 2019, there were actually fewer lights than we had in 2018, which was also less than 2017, because we switched many incandescent (regular) lights to RGB LED lights.  The fewer lights will actually be a better show as they can be any color we want.

Go to the blog page for the play list.
What song would you like to hear?
Is there a display element you'd like to see?
   (more arches? megatree?)
Send us a suggestion from the "contact" page.​​

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