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Miscellaneous Videos

Directions for picking/voting for the next song to play

My new feature for 2019.

Using the Mobile Internet Interactive Playlist, or "miip" created by Bob Lambiase.

The buttons on the kiosk were good when I first started using them, but over time the connections got corroded and buttons had to be replaced.  Plus, each button had to cycle through way too many sequences in a 'jukebox' fashion.

Names on the Mega Tree - new

Similar to what was started in 2014.  Some updates and changes to the overall lights and show. 

The significant change is that now you don't pick the name/song with the buttons on the kiosk, instead you vote online. 

Your Name Here

No, I didn't forget to edit the title. 

It's literally your name here!

A sample of how I put names on the RGB Mega Tree.  I have a list of a few dozen names, and you choose to show one by using the buttons on the kiosk.This was added in 2014.The kids love it.

Putting Up The Lights

Just  some of the work that goes into putting up the lights each year.This was from 2012.We have more lights every year, so it takes longer every year.

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